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  • Services

    • Social Media Management - £12phr

    • New Website - DBS managed and self mananged options (training included) Cost between £550 & £750

    • New Business/Client/Pipeline Development. Hourly Rate of £12phr

    • Photographic Services - Price dependent of assignment

    • On site services 
      • Customer Service to include advise and training
      • Customer Retention - keep what you have taken time and effort to build
      • Internal Recruitment 
      • Honest impartial staffing advice
      • Business consultancy
      • New business development

    DBS cut to the chase and take the bull by the horns. We help you showcase your business/products to your existing customers, this encourages and stimulates "organic growth".   We point NEW CUSTOMERS in your direction. We find/create new business opportunities for you. We get involved and help you go forward however we can. Alongside the journey we use our passion for photography to show you off.

    For a break down of the above or to pinpoint exactly what you need just give us a call, we are not into the hard sell its not how we do things.

    Why - do I need DBS

    • Because you are busy and are tied up in doing what you do best 
    • Social media really is not your thing, and are unclear how it will help you
    • You what professional quality images 
    • You are starting up and want to get ahead of the game
    • You may have seen a downturn and need a little fresh input/drive
    • You are not sure how to pull in NEW BUSINESS
    •  You simply don't like making the calls 

    So get DBS on board and you do your thing while we do ours 

    How - much does it cost

    DBS take on engagements to meet the clients' bespoke needs. We offer highly competitive rates as detailed above but we are flexible and are always happy to talk about other rates and way to work together. 

    • Hourly
    • Half Day
    • Full Day
    • Fixed Term 
    • Flexi Terms

    Call us

    It is always best to talk, we don't do the hard sell, if we know we can help you we will.

    Call: 01271 328 084  or  07796 887 367