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  • What we do

    DBS take over your Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, keeping things up to date fresh and current. As little as an hour or so a week will make the world of difference, you'll see.

    DBS get out there and capture great quality images of you on the job, your products, your surroundings. We create stunning imagery to be used on the web, socials as well as in print. 

    DBS ca also help with bespoke marketing material, Stationary, Business cars, Givaways etc 

    DBS can be that extra help you need around the place, an all rounder with a can do attitude, it’s amazing what a little extra help can do for a small business, we take the calls, we get the orders placed, we make the bookings, we take care of customers, we sell your products, and whilst we are at it we can always do a little of the above too we allow you to get on with what you do best. Invite me in for a chat… what have you got to lose? 

    what about you


    Don’t sit around stressing with unanswered questions on your mind, I have been there, done that, had the late nights and burnt the midnight oil too. You mind will be off the ball; your thoughts never stopping, your business will suffer as will your health. 

    Pick up the phone or get in touch by whatever means works for you. I will want to know Who are you? What are you thinking? Why are you unable to do it yourself? We will chat and come up with a plan of How DBS can help you… or sometimes just catting with us is enough, and we don’t charge to talk…

    In a nutshell DBS will help you and you will see the financial reward from very little outlay.

    Stay Ahead of the game

    Grab interest

    DBS will make your business stand out. DBS will put you on the map. DBS will get people talking about you. Images are key to your web & social media presence, showcase yourself. 


    Generate excitement

    Attract new people, keep your website & social media audience informed, don't go stale. Current, logical, interesting & worthwhile interactions will keep them wondering. Use these platforms to put your business where it needs to be.

    Close the deal

    DBS offer bespoke sales and new business development services. We become you, we listen, we sell, we build a pipeline with solid foundations. This is not Call Centre stuff, it's bespoke, it's hands on and personal, it's the DBS way.