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DBS manage and or set up your Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, keeping things up to date fresh and current. As little as an hour or so a week will make the world of difference to your business, you'll see.

DBS come to you, we become you, we capture great quality images of you on the job, your products, your surroundings. With this stunning imagery and a few simple words/paragraphs we build a story,  we make your business personable, we invite a client base you may never knew existed.

If you run a small business, you will have been contacted regarding Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, yes? 

DBS flip this on his head and boot it out the door, don't waste your money on trying to get on PAGE ONE. Take your business directly to your customer via social media..... it works.

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what about you



Don’t sit around stressing with unanswered questions on your mind, I have been there, done that, had the late nights and burnt the midnight oil too. 

Your mind will be off the ball; your thoughts never stopping, your business will suffer as will your health.

Our clients simply do not have the time to set up, look after, worry/think about Social media, they too are busy doing what they do best.  

Our clients appreciate how DBS bring their businesses to life, "its made a huge difference" 

Pick up the phone or get in touch by whatever means works for you.

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Using social media to directly interact with your potential customers is key, DBS Showcase what you do and how you do it, get them interested





Attract new people, keep your social media audience informed, don't go stale, excite them 

DBS create current, logical, informative, fun  interesting & worthwhile interactions packed with HD images that will keep them wondering and looking for more



Invite your audience to interact via social media,  draw them in to ask you questions then talk to them

DBS come with a wealth of customer service & sales experience, we can help, advise, mentor you if this is not your strong point.